Sunday, May 14, 4000

Point, share and highlight snippets of webpage html via url

In github we used to point and highlight certain portion of the codes like this:

Being unable to find one for me that I can share certain line of codes some thing like this:

I made my own and hosted in Google App Engine.Now we can use this tool to share, point & highlight any portion by just an url :)

Something like:

lines=code line numbers for point & highlighting(e.g. 1,2,3)

lines=23 // highlight single
lines=23-55 // highlight code block
lines=23-56,56,45-78 // highlight multiple code blocks

I am using it for sharing and pointing and highlighting certain ad codes and analytics codes update about certain projects and email pointing pointing the new ad / analytics codes.
Like this :

Here I have pointed Piwik code block updates.